Sunday, June 28, 2009

May Swap on Flickr

This is my awesome swap from KWAB on Flickr - Thanks!
This swap was boy themed, as I seem to have pink bento gear coming out my ears, and I loved it.

This gorgeous little monsters set is stunning and ever so cute IRL. Can't wait to start packing bentos in this set.

These are some hilarious monkey containers, cute seasame street themed containers, and loads of cute accessories. Love it all. Thanks again KWAB!

Bento #13

This is the last of the leftovers from the 'great...' yeah you get it.
Today we had whole prawn spring rolls, a dinner roll, and salad. The little food containers in the side car had butter for the dinner roll, and dipping sauce for the spring rolls.

Bento #12

The second of the 'great leftover series'; This had spinach and ricotta triangles, some crumbed potato bites, and more salad. Yum!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bento #11

Ok, so no excuses, this is what I've been up to in the last month.

This bento is the start of the great 'leftover' series. Had heaps of food leftover from a weekend 'thingy', so we've got leftovers for the next few days.
Today I have three crumbed squares of baked lasange, on a salad of lettuce and cherry tomato, with carrot stars and strawberries.
I'm trying a new background out, just for variety, and to make the photos more uniform [yeah I have OCD] but people on flickr have been telling me they like the white background better.
I guess I'll keep playing around.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Swap on Flickr

This is my April Swap from my Flickr Bento Swap group. Loads of fun goodies, and an awesome HK bento with the most unusual shape I’ve seen to date.
The swap came with some silicon muffin cups, which I may or may not pass on to another swapper, as I have quite a few of these now [It’s one of the few things I can get here in Oz that are bento related], some really cute side dish containers, food picks, an awesome collapsible Keroppi cup, some cute HK sauce bottles and mayo containers, and some Norweigian candies. One of the things that excited me most was a cute magic towel. I know that sounds funny given all the other cool stuff in the swap, but seriously, I have wanted one of these since I was a kid, and always told – it’s just a little towel, don’t waste your money. I don’t care what it is – it’s magic! Sometimes parents don’t get that feeding curiosity is more fun than ‘a toy that you can actually use’. Haven’t opened it yet – want to keep enjoying that fact that I have a magic towel for a little while longer, cause let’s face it, once I open it, it’s no longer magic, and it’s just a little towel [which is less fun]

I did make a bento today from leftover dinner last night, but as boyf had football training, and I was quite busy too, all I made was a quick chilli & coconut curry chicken to throw on rice, which tasted great, but unfortunately didn’t have the cute bento appeal [as it somewhat resembled ahem, well, anyway] no pic of that today.[I know I’ve been naughty this week, cause I keep promising bentos, but they will come, it’s just a matter of getting more organised.]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tupperware gear

Forgot to post earlier…The SpongeBob sandwich keeper from Tupperware is a new fav – great for when I only have time to make a sandwich, but come lunchtime, still brings a smile to my face. The SpongeBob side dish containers in the pic on my Jlist post below are actually not from Jlist, but from BentoTV’s eBay shop [thanks Sarah][Actually bought the sandwich keeper for the boyf cause he’s in love with SB, but I like it so much, I have kind of claimed it back. Lol]

JList order

Here is a pic of my JList haul. It was so exciting rifling through all the cool new bento gear. Can't wait to start using it all. We don't get this stuff here, so it was totally thilling to show off my gear to anyone who would listen. [My friends and family are sort of like "you play with your food? really? aren't you a bit old for this?"]
Will hopefully be bentoing tonight [provided the chicken I pulled out of the freezer this morning has defrosted] so hopefully can start uploading yummy pics again.
That being said, I am going to start tracking my calorie intake too, to get rid of my current ‘muffin top’ situation, so that’s going to take some creativity. Will note the cals in each bento at the bottom of each post if I can manage it. [that way I’m held accountable, no excuses]
Hopefully it’s not too hard come up with good looking, healthy food, without having bento after bento of nothing but green salad.